Timeless Places TV Series

On Life Network (since 1997), Canadian Learning Television (since 1999) and CTV Travel (since 2002).

Timeless Places is BC Pictures’ 2nd travel TV series. “Passport to Adventure” ran from 1989 to 1994 on PBS and Vision TV (in Canada and the U.S.).

Timeless Places travels to the world’s most exciting, mystical and “timeless” destinations by air, train, cruise ship, sailboat, or horse cart!

Timeless Places visits locations where splendid and baffling archaeological wonders lie, from the great Pyramids of Egypt to the isolated enchantment of Easter Island. What happened to the ancient civilizations of the world that mysteriously disappeared? How were their amazing technologies lost in time? Are the countries of the Western and Eastern Hemispheres somehow connected by the similarities of their ancient history?

Hosts Bob and Bea Connolly personally search the world over for the answers to some of these riddles. They guide the armchair traveler to and around exotic locations such as Easter Island, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Egypt, Denmark, Cuba, Aruba, Singapore, Malaysia and Israel, with useful tips on how the viewers themselves can most easily explore them.

Along with hints on the best ways to get around to places that are off-the-beaten track, Timeless Places takes a closer look at the people and the history of a country, linking their past with their present, and highlighting the character traits that make that country unique and give it a special signature all its own.

Timeless Places: is a combination documentary/how-to travel show which gives alternative vacation ideas to viewers who will be awestruck by the mystery of the far-off lands unveiled.

It’s an adventure right from the start with a story-line that’s bound to leave you wondering…

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