PDF with Rich Media

Adobe PDF Reader now has the capability to play linked and embedded Flash media files inside the PDF.  This format is  known as Rich Media or Dynamic Media PDF.  On this page you will find PDF eBrochures that have both flash video and animation that is embedded into the PDF.

MediConsult Network iMRS eBrochureMediConsult Network iMRS eBrochure

MediConsult Network iMRS eBrochure

Mediconsult produces medical equipment for the health and wellness industry. This brochure uses animation to demonstrate how magnetic fields are used to heal the body. A video shows how doctors use the technology in their clinics.

Download PDF (18.6MB)

RHUMART Tesla-Schumann Resonance RegeneratorRHUMART Tesla-Schumann Resonance Regenerator

RHUMART Tesla-Schumann Resonance Regenerator

This is a scientific product eBrochure that demonstrates how frequencies can be used to effect water, plants, animals and humans.  A video provides a brief tutorial of how to use the device. Flash animation demonstrates the various frequency patters that are produced.

Download PDF (12.7MB)

City of MississaugaCity of Mississauga

City of Mississauga

The city of Mississauga operates the Economic Development Corporation to entice companies to locate in their city. This brochure features embedded Flash bar chart animation, slideshows and a short video from the mayor.

Download PDF (3.6MB)